Cat ladders, cat ladders and cat trees that work on the spiral staircase principle have some advantages over "normal" cat stairs with them:

Benefits for the cat

  • easy way up and down(especially important for older cats)
  • great security and stability
  • quick gain in height


Advantages for the owner

  • platzsparend
  • simple assembly (with Cattrip without screws and tools!)
  • stable construction
  • appealing aesthetic

Safe and gentle for the cat

A cat spiral staircase is clearly the best choice. Cat ladders that work on the zigzag principle require the cat to jump frequently. This is not only more dangerous, as the cat could slip, but also puts a lot more strain on the cat's joints and spine. This is why spiral cat stairs are particularly suitable for older cats. Older cats can use a spiral staircase to get up or down without large jumps.



The Cat Ladder that convinces

With a space-saving cat spiral staircase, you can convince neighbors, landlords and house members more than with a long catwalk. Many of our customers consciously choose the gray cat ladder because it is not noticeable next to a rain gutter drain pipe. The white, in turn, is particularly suitable for white house facades.

A small catwalk can be sufficient for very low heights. At greater heights, however, the cat spiral staircase is not only safer for the cat, it is also more space-saving, more stable and less "annoying" for neighbors and landlords.



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