cattrip - our values

Freedom – for cats and their owners. Freedom for the cat through the nature. For the owner, as he contributes to the free life of his cat.

Flexibility - by upgrading and dismantling the height; by simply exchanging the steps and simply dismantling and assembling. ‘Cattrip Home’ becomes ‘Cattrip Nature’ and vice versa.

Sustainability - by using recyclable (PVC) and renewable (wood) raw materials as well as by continuing to use the cat stairs for indoor use (Cattrip Nature to Cattrip Home).

Quality - by monitoring the entire production and processing as well as by carefully selecting the raw material suppliers. No product is dispatched without having been personally checked for quality.

Individuality - the owner can freely design the cat ladder, currently select the color for the pipe and the type of wood. Further customization options are constantly being developed.

Service - No call is too much, no email too long. If we can give another cat the freedom we are happy. The customer is king and the cat is queen.

Local - the entire Cat Ladder is made in Germany (Hesse and Baden-Württemberg). Local suppliers are preferred, a personal approach is cultivated to support the local economy and to guarantee absolute control and excellent quality.

Aesthetic - artist and designer Vladi Zitzer always develops and designs in such a way that the products adapt to every house facade, every apartment and every garden, whether traditional or modern.